Extend your business to the Digital World

This is the mission of iMep.net

eBusiness Platform

  • Leverage on your existing operational business software solutions
  • Automate yours B2B business processes
  • Monitor with a modern Analytics and EPM solution
  • Get the most recent and modern technologies
  • Increase the value of your data
  • Focus on the efficiency of your business

We Help You Maximize Value Across thanks to


iMep.net/EDI are the best option for optimizing most administrative and management processes, thanks, among other things, to the improvements obtained by reducing processing times, increasing security and confidentiality or reducing costs.



iMep.net/SP is a cloud-based supplier portal that enables the integration of standard documents automatically using OCR technology. This module is designed so that both the suppliers and the client can connect to the platform independently and have access to the corresponding documents.


Our business analytic platform is helping many companies to know, grow and develop their business. Control your costs, manage your budgets and sales forecasts and consolidate your key business data into a single dashboard to drive your business.




Uncover inefficiencies and reduce waste through informed decision-making and data-driven quality control. Reduces time spent checking stock. Reduces paperwork and manual tracking. Frees up laboratory personnel to focus on other lab duties.



Thanks to iMep.net/SII customers will be able to automate the information sending, upload several books simultaneously, automatically control the sending deadlines and generate automatic alerts, among other advantages, with only one SII program.



Thanks to iMep.net/FISCAL you will be able to monitor and automatically integrate the information from the Immediate Information System (Fiscal platform from Spain) and generate tax models from the information sent to the SII.




Offers a complete digital transformation for all businesses

Today’s companies are facing constant disruption challenges. The volume of any type of data is constantly growing due to the automation of the processes with their customers, suppliers, governments,… We call this DIGITALIZATION
MCR solutions has developed iMep.net, a digital Web Platform, designed to easily allow collaboration with your business partners (in Supply Chain, in Inventory Management, in Invoicing, in Government data integrations,…). Get the best technology of the market already packaged to focus on your business needs.

Gain better trust with your customers and suppliers using blockchain technology with iMep.net/BLOCKCHAIN