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Generates suggested orders based on current inventory levels.
Creates electronic purchase orders for all suppliers. Automates purchase order submission.


Captures product lot number and expiration date information during the receiving process.
Automatic reconciliation between the purchase orders, the supplier ASN and the goods received.


Tracks usage trends to adjust inventory levels. Actively manage products by lot and expiration date.
Establishes a single point of reference for any actor of the workflow.


Facilitates a scan-out of the products from storage locations. Propose to consume first soonto- expire products from inventory.
WEB Quick consumption concept, consumes the right product lot in 5 seconds. iMep helps to speed up the process.
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HIMS workflow infographic

How iMep.net/HIMS helps in overcoming the challenges?

Cloud application for the management of consumables designed for laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and companies specialising in the health sectoriMep.net/HIMS is designed to cover all types of needs in the health sector. Automates, integrates and increases operational efficiency by automatically recordingtracking and optimising consumables.

iMep.net/HIMS optimizes suppliers and hospitals workflow, providing a perpetual inventory approach specifically designed for healthcare products requiring a very detailed traceability. Automate supply chain control-from the warehouse of the supplier to the utilization of the product in the hospital; including stock level maintenance, remote inventory management, multi-location and automatic replenishmentdetail traceability and much more.

Keep track easily and simply

Today’s companies are facing constant disruption challenges. The volume of any type of data is constantly growing due to the automation of the processes with their customers, suppliers, governments,… We call this DIGITALIZATION
MCR solutions has developed iMep.net, a digital WEB platform, designed to easily allow collaboration with your business partners (in Supply Chain, in Inventory Management, in Invoicing, in Government data integrations,…). Get the best technology of the market already packaged to focus on your business needs.
Dashboard HIMS

Improve laboratory efficiencies

Save time and make better decisions


Offers automatic replenishment base on Min-Max rules adjust with seasonality factors to keep the right level off inventory on hand: enough to meet your needs but not too much to create waste.


Manages inventory levels across multiple hospital locations. Gain a corporate-level view for the hospital
or the supplier Generates purchase orders electronically to reduce process time and costs
Full traceability of the product from the receipt into your location to the consumption
report alert


Dashboard-driven reports
Reacts to trends in product or instruments usage
throughout your network


Interfaces with suppliers, HIS and any instrument to support streamlined workflows
Consolidates management of inventory information in one source
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