Optimise and integrate with EDI

iMep.net/EDI Integration Approach

Do you want to sell your products to large retailers and grow your business? iMep.net/EDI allows you to exchange EDI files thanks to the international standard for exchanging documents with your customers, suppliers and logistics operators. 

These documents include purchase and sales orders, invoices, payment invoices, customised documents, inventory documents, shipping documents and payment data.

The main problem that hundreds of companies have today is that physical documents increase the order-to-cash cycle and delivery time, group share errors and group share prices.

To streamline and automate the method of electronic exchange of these documents, iMep.net/EDI offers an electronic information exchange integration service that can be integrated with any ERP

Organisations use iMep.net/EDI to gain greater visibility into business operations and exponentially grow their business.

Why choose iMep.net/EDI to integrate into your ERP?

iMep.net/EDI is a module of iMep.net that has been offering business solutions for twenty years. We have been developing complex Oracle integrations for over ten years. iMep.net is staffed by a team of highly skilled Oracle technical-functional consultants who fully understand the powerful Oracle environment and complement it with key business process elements such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices

Leveraging EDI technology, standards and requirements, our goal is to produce digital workflows between your ERP and EDI systems. Our team of specialists will help you provide EDI capability and full compliance with trading partner requirements. iMep.net/EDI automates EDI transactions, significantly reducing manual input of information, streamlining the transaction process and reducing EDI management costs. As a result, you increase the visibility and power of critical business information in your EDI environment.

4 M

EDI transactions processed on a single platform per month


Reduction in manual administration requirements


of manual data entry saved per month


IT cost savings

Benefits of iMep.net/EDI

EDI transactions are essential for B2B processes and remain the preferred method for exchanging documents and transactions between small and large companies.

  • Customer master data synchronisation
  • Connector with Amazon and department stores (Alcampo, El Corte Inglés, etc.)
  • Connector with any ERP or Internal Management System
  • Integration of communications with the company's internal IT systems.
  • Automatic processing of commercial transactions
  • Sending and receiving more accurate information
  • Complete visualisation of transactions and orders
  • Automated invoicing and delivery notes
  • Improved transaction tracking
  • Keep your data secure anywhere
  • Reduced Goods Receipt and Delivery Times
  • Enhanced communication with customers and suppliers
  • Secure file transfer in the cloud with iMep.net/EDI
  • Cost Reduction

Do you want to share specific documents with thousands of suppliers and customers at once?

If you have any questions about iMep.net/EDI or how it can be adapted to your particular needs, please contact us and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


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