Optimize and integrate with EDI

Integration with multiple Markeplaces

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables the exchange of standardized documents between the computer systems of those involved in a business relationship.

The sharing of the same communication code at a business level has provided a reduction in the number of documents that are exchanged in the different commercial operations allowing to speed up the business communication processes by offering all the details of a purchase order or invoice to the customer or supplier.

Any company, whatever its management solution (ERP), can adapt its platform for the transfer of communication by EDI thanks to the use of a common language that allows different information systems to interact with each other (orders, delivery notes, invoices, inventories, price catalogues, etc.).


Automates file transfer


  • Fast integration
  • Integration of communications with the companies internal IT systems


  • Replace manual processes
  • Automatic processing of commercial transactions
  • Automatic transactions with Amazon and others marketplaces
  • Sending and receiving more accurate information


  • Synchronization of customer masters data
  • Amazon connector
  • Connector with any ERP or internal management system


  • Complete display of transactions and orders
  • Analytical data
  • Track orders
  • Complete visibility & control


  • Optimization of the administrative, logistic and management processes of the companies
  • Reduction of the times of reception and delivery of the merchandises
  • Improved monitoring of transactions


  • Reduction of economic costs by computerising all the company’s communication processes.
  • Automated invoicing and Shipping notes
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