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Technology Revolution

As businesses adjust to a new and unusual sense of normal, having ecosystem-level collaboration and optimization is essential for sustaining continual growth.


Drive business outcomes across multiple organizations and industries with trusted data, end-to-end visibility and workflow automation wit the Blockchain integration on

How does Blockchain work?

Originally devised for secure, anonymous payments using virtual currencies, this technology is revolutionising the way digital business is conducted in many industries.


Simplified as much as possible, Blockchain is a chain of numbers that indelibly stores any transaction that is recorded on it.


A Blockchain chain is shared by many participants. Every transaction made has to be validated by all nodes before it is accepted, making it virtually impossible to commit fraud by making changes to a transaction after the fact.

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Blockchain technology enables the secure use of Smart Contracts, software that validates that certain conditions are met by a user to authorise the execution of a process (e.g. authorising credit for a purchase).

Blockchain technology increases the speed of transaction execution, creating much more efficient business flows for your company.

The indelible recording of all transactions of a product from the manufacturer to the final consumer ensures the provenance and correct traceability of critical products concretaly on food and healthcare sectors.

Increase the trust and loyalty of your suppliers by providing them with a portal that indelibly tracks the receipt of their invoices, the status of their invoices, any issues that may arise and their payments.

Maintain a secure and traceable track and trace of all inventory operations involving sensitive material or material requiring special treatment (cold chain, restricted material, confidential material...). Ensure that your entire logistics structure conforms to the strictest security and confidentiality standards required by law.

Permanently record the information exchanged with the Tax Agency through the Immediate Information System (SII). Generate your model 303 from the SII data.

Streamline the business flows established between your company and your customers and suppliers through the EDI standard. The permanent recording of orders, invoices, delivery notes and returns on the Blockchain ensures an exceptional level of transparency for all parties involved and is an invaluable tool for resolving potential incidents.

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